May 12, 2010


Nomor Ujian

Selamat, Anda diterima di Universitas Indonesia

Program Studi
Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
Program Pendidikan
S1 Reguler
Jalur Masuk

terimakasih ya Allah, semoga apa yg Kau berikan adalah yg terbaik untukku ke depannya

"we are the Yellow Jacket!"


September 19, 2009

a d d i c t i o n

All day long playing a playfish game, Restaurant City

all righty then


September 18, 2009

Welcoming HOLYdays!

Well it's already been 5 days since my school holiday starts and things haven't got crazy, pfft :D

Actually I like going to school on fasting month because I get to go home 3 hours earlier than ordinary days. haha, which is something cool, cause my school rarely, and i mean r a r e l y, does that on simple occasions. I still prefer going to school on fasting month. Well, pretty much

Ookie, these are unimportant things I've been doing since the first day"

#1 Monday, September 14th, 2009
Hmm what did i do, hmmm... Oh yea, I went to H.E.M.A to meet my ex osis mpk partners on junior high. We're having a break fasting together.

#2 Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
Nothing, waiting until 2.30 p.m. for my bf to pick me. Joining English class instead of maths in GO. But weirdly, 75 mins was fast on that day.

#3 Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Watching Sydney White -i know, ooold movie- with my bf then break fasting with my junior high friends.

#4 Thursday, September 17th 2009
Watching, again, G-Force with "smoothers" LOL
But still, feeling gross with the mole, eww

#5 Friday, September 18th 2009
Well, it's today and I think I'll just stay at home

#6 ..
Shizz, what will I do?


July 12, 2009

Ashley? What Is Coming Out Of Your Shorts?!

ashley tisdale took to the stage for a free concert at the Groove in LA, she previewed a bunch of her new songs from the new album, guilty pleasures.

she looks like she was rockin it out, except what in the hell is going on with her shorts?

what is that white thingy?

icy hot packs?

or could it be that you ripped up some old jeans to make shorts and those are the insides of the pockets?

really, ash? your times can't be that hard that you need to recycle clothes!



Stars Who Look Older Than Their Age

well, some people say the camera adds 10 pounds, but what's with adding years to some of these celebrities?! perhaps it's the stress of fame or the effects of an A-list lifestyle, but these stars need to slow down and enjoy their youth!

miley cyrus
it's hard to believe that miley cyrus is only 16 years old!
i had this lady walk up to me and try to sell me wrinkle cream," miley revealed. "I wasn’t offended until she started to say that I looked good for my age. She thought I was 40. I was with a bodyguard, who she thought was my husband, and my little sister, who she thought was my daughter! I had to set her straight: 'OK lady, that is NOT my husband, that is NOT my child and I am NOT 40, I’m 16'." poor miley :(

prince william

you can tell just by looking at him that he's the more responsible than his brother. perhaps that's because, at 27, the heir-to-the-throne already has his eye on the crown... so as to cover his expanding bald patch. eww

amy winehouse

maybe she should stub out that ciggy - smoking is one of the vices that has made the hard-living star look much older than her 25 years.fresh faced she definitely is not!

keith richards

he is one rolling stone that looks ready to croak. sure, he's 65, but the wrinkly rocker looks more like 105!

rhydian roberts

ooh please! he's 27. i think he should ditch the grey hair if he wants to look his age. eww, it's aging him!

hmm maybe this stars should cut out the crap and start eating healthier food


Watson Wardrobe Malfunction

emma watson is now apparently fair game for the wardrobe malfunction hunters, now that she's of age. the 19-year-old showed up at the London premiere for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" in a floor-length gown. she posed for pictures with her co-stars, rupert grint and daniel radcliffe, on the red carpet during the rain-soaked affair. but it wasn't until emma watson had her wardrobe malfunction, which, of course, was caught on camera.

it is certain that the young starlet made a few fans outing a bit more memorable. isn't every day that you get to see emma watson flashing flesh-colored panties (thank god, it is a good thing she wasn't stark naked)



Celebs Look-A-Like

some celebrities share more than their stylists, well it seems. here are the pictures of celebrities clones that i found recently :)

hilary swank and jennifer garner share almost every possible facial feature - large mouths, long chins, wide-set eyes, the list goes on

the neck, the eyes, the hair - natalie portman and keira knightley look so much alike

high school musical's zac efron and gossip girls's chace crawford look remarkably similar. is it just me or they maybe use a same shampoo product haha

lauren conrad and carmen electra share more than their love for fashion

2007's american idol winner jordin sparks shares her beautiful smile and flowing locks with ugly betty's america ferrera. i could hardly tell who's who in this picture, geez!

whoa! they look even more similar than i ever realize!


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